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3:30 AM arrival, Friday, July 20, Wise, VA. Early morning darkness covered the hills and valleys, however, despite the rain 500 people had already lined up for free medical and dental care at the Remote Area Medical (RAM) three day clinic in SW Virginia. RAM has been providing free healthcare since 1985 for uninsured and underinsured Americans and for people worldwide. This would be their 674th expedition. RAM began as a parachuting operation in the Amazon founded by the humanitarian, Stan Brock.

People came from 14 states seeking care, and an estimated 1,700 patients were admitted for treatment the first day. A twenty year old had 20 teeth extracted. A mother of two who has lost her job due to poor eye sight came for eye care and glasses. A three year old had to undergo oral surgery for a root canal and front teeth extraction. These as just a few of the heart wrenching health cases I observed. There was a chronic pattern of poor oral hygiene and due to patients' extreme dental pain they asked for teeth extraction instead of teeth repair.
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